Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Long Run

This weeks long run was an hour. So I headed out today to complete it. I had a vague plan of where I was going and was sure it was long enough. As always it was over to the golf course where I nearly ended up face-first in the mud, somehow with a lot of staggering around I stayed upright. Then over to the track to Jumbles that I hardly ever see anyone on. Today though there was a queue of about 20 walkers to get up the steps onto it. So I detoured onto the road and another way in. Jumbles itself saw another two huge groups of walkers so obviously it is the day for it. New bit in Jumbles done and back through Bromley Cross. Around the fields at Hall i th wood and somehow I caught my leg and cut it on brambles. After that it was a last bit of tarmac to get home.

1:12 in the end
7 miles

I felt good the whole time and I was running (still picking the feet up not shuffling) the whole way. I actually felt I probably could have been faster but the aim was time on feet which was achieved.


  1. Good run. Well done. A bit of blood makes you hardcore :-)

  2. did you have a fight with the walkers! good effort :)

  3. Ouch...that looks like it stings!

  4. No I went another way, I would have walk behind them after queuing to get up the steps, too much effort!

    Ali it wasn't too bad even when I washed it!