Saturday, 19 December 2009

Out in the snow

I wonder if the snow has improved my mood, all that lovely light being reflected at me?  A bunch of my friends were riding today round rivi before a party in the evening, I had planned to go to the party but not the ride.  But this morning I woke up and thought I would do both.  So after fixing riggers puncture I headed over to Rivi.  I got as far as Barrow Bridge and it started to rain, I was in a winter wonderland!

I dropped down to Ros's and it turned out that everyone else was running late and struggling to get their cars up to the house.  Having gone over on the bike I hadn't had that problem!  Eventually we were all ready to go and we headed over to Rivi, round past the castle and then up the AICR.  Up the pike and the snow was getting really heavy.  Some of them went off the back, I went down the easy way - my head has been all over the place this week so techy downhills are not sensible. 

Then up onto winter hill, where I manage to stay on my bike for most of the climb.  Once on the access road I went left and then headed home over Smithills moor to Smithills farm.   Although I was taking it very easy just incase it wasn't really that icy - yet!

Now home and waiting for my feet to defrost before braving the bath.  Then I'll be heading out again to the party.  I was going to ride over on the cross bike but I think I might appreciate the huge tyres on rigger!


  1. That sounds much better than being stuck in work like I was!

  2. All that snow looks brilliant. I'm going in search of snow tomorrow.

  3. How do you stay warm I was on the bike today and it was so cold. I wrapped up but the sweat made me cold when I wasnt cycling hard, actually I was still cold even then due to wind chill.

  4. Quite easy Sandra, don't cycle hard enough to work up a sweat!

  5. Oh,how I wish one of my bikes (or any ridable mtn bike!) were here with much snow I'm stranded at my parent's house for the next few days,and nothing to ride :(

    I did take my lil brother and son out sledding earlier today tho :)

    Great pics!