Sunday, 6 December 2009

Shecycles take over Rivi

It was a big night last night for me, at an event I had last been at over two years ago and had been way to much for little me. I had fun and missed the rain riding both there and back!

Today the plan was to see when I woke up and maybe go and join the shecycles easy ride over at Rivi. They had a plan involving lots of cafe stops that I liked the idea of as that means lots of cake. Both of us were up late though so we decided to ride over and do the second loop with them. On the way over I bumped into John and Donk but there wasn't much chatting as it was cold. Then down the ICR to Chapel tea-rooms. Ali cleared it for her first time ever whereas I dabbed numerous times and basically acted like I couldn't ride!

We timed it arriving just as they were finishing lunch. The plan was to head up to the Pike via the school climb so we headed up. Halfway up there was a little playing on a drop thing at the side where I was mean and out-chicked a guy by riding it after he had bailed on it.

On top of the Pike and the temperature was dropping and it looked like it would be getting dark soon so it was time to blast down. At pigeon tower we split, some going down the AICR and four of us doing the ICR, I cleared it and the first two of us down were girls, yes out-chicked the boys again!

Regrouping and there were lots of cold feet so down to lower barn where I got my cake and hot chocolate.

Ali and I headed out again then to ride home. Extra layers and lights on we headed up onto Georges Lane and then home via Barrow Bridge. 23 miles in total and a lovely ride but maybe I should bring the geared bike next time it is a little more sociable!


  1. Sounds like both a cool ride (in more ways than one,LOL!) and a great time! :)


  2. "out-chicked" - not heard that before, i love it!

  3. Carrot cake, it wasn't exciting as it was at the end of the day so not much left!

  4. there's nothing worse than a sad and disappointing cake display