Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Adding some structure

Well I am thinking that I will try and add a little more structure to my practising riding my bike time. I have noticed that I have lost some strength and I think its because at the moment most of my riding is relatively easy commuting. So as well as adding running back in, which has been going well, I have been organising some night rides - works my technical skills - and some hill repeat sessions. Today was the first planned session, I nearly didn't bother telling myself my legs were tired etc! This meant that I only had an hour once I was on the bike.

So over to Affetside I went. Only three repeats, they were hard, but I think part of it was the wind. Although not completely a headwind (there was aspects of a sidewind to battle as well) it still was very noticeable. I'm hoping that is why I am a lot slower compared to when I was doing these previously!

Repeat 1: 5:06
Repeat 2: 5:20
Repeat 3: 5:24


  1. Good luck with structure. I suspect if I don't do the same I'll be slow forever....

  2. I'm the same, I can keep going only its at slow trio speed!

    Problem is I like just riding around. So one session of intensity a week is the aim!

  3. I haven't got the motivation to do anything structured/hard. Pootling about is where it's at!

  4. Well I took pootling to new levels riding to and from work later, I think I was trying to freewheel uphills I was going so slowly!

    Just think when my legs are toast on sunday you can laugh at me when you lap me!

  5. Lap you? Ha! I'll do well to stay on the same lap as anyone going by my last performance.

  6. good work! what with you and julbags getting out there and doing your speed/hill work i've got no excuses. keep it up :)

  7. Simon I seem to be slower and slower at every race I do.

    So when is your first speed/hill session kate?