Thursday, 5 November 2009

Muddy, dark cross commuting

Today was the last day of my midday saunter down a sustrans route between schools. After the recent slightly damp weather and leaves everywhere I didn't think ruby would enjoy it so I took the cross bike. Nice easy start to the morning with 6 miles on roads that were pretty clear. Just got the outcomes finished before the rain came then it was off to school number two. Very very muddy trek between them, ruby would have cried! Usual fuss from them so four of us went for a pint afterwards. Then a sprint across Manchester to the office, just getting there in time to return files.

Hometime and I rode to Prestwich before heading off-road, I had a joystick on the bars and one on my head. I was impressed that this was enough to ride with and even when it was foggy and I had to turn the one on my head off it was fine.

By the time I was home I was very muddy and Ali suggest Jalfezi and bubbles for tea. A nearly perfect day and I was only a little scared on the off-road sections.

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