Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Run, bike, oranges

No work this morning, rain falling out of the sky, time for a run. Timed it so it stopped when I stepped out the door and started just after I got back. A change of route took me past some horse jumps. Where a dog ran up to me and started jumping up at me. The owner eventually turned up and told me he didn't bite he just didn't like runners. Oh and I should have kept going (with the dogs paws all over me that wasn't happening) and that she couldn't see me, I was in bright pink!!! Along the river sloshing through ankle deep water, I guess there has been a bit of rain then?

Home and left a little late for work, pushing hard but with all the lights and traffic 15mph was as fast as I could get. Off home, lights on from the off, throught the centre of Manchester with buses beeping at me. Dropped off a dvd on the way home - must learn not to talk constantly - onto Asda, oranges and lemon juice purchased for new meal wednesday. Just beat Ali home still though.