Sunday, 8 November 2009

Riding in the peaks

Today Ali and I headed over to Marple for a ride with the boys of the singletrack world forum. It was a bit of a rush in the morning, packing for two, making lunch for two and getting Ali out of bed but it was worth it. A route that had everything, muddy slogs, singletrack, rocky descents and a pub. Great company and loads of cake at the end made the day fantastic.

I made the route 21.5 miles with 1050m of climbing

Loads of pictures here


  1. sounds brill! wasn't too far away myself, perfect weather for riding today :) that's a great shot of ali!

  2. sounds great! especially considering what a hellish time in the rain i had near hathersage!
    great pics

  3. I wanted to go on this but had a christening to go to :-( don't suppose you have a map of the route do you? Looks good.