Thursday, 26 November 2009

Long Run

Today's key sessionwas a scheduled long run of an hour. The plan was to head up to Affetside but turn back before the top, doing the whole loop would probably be the the bast part of an hour and a half! Over to the golf course and my pace was already slow, partly as I walked down the slippy slabs and cobbles. But I also had nothing there! It wasn't long before I knew I was going to have very wet feet, this pond was unavoidable!!!

Onto the hill, out onto the tarmac halfway up and I decided to turn round, heart rate was down, I was slow, there really wasn't much point. More or less back the way I came out except avoiding the cobbles so slightly more road. Back with 45minutes on the clock and hardly any distance covered. Average heart rate was 152bpm which is silly low for me when running. Then spent some time stretching which was a really good idea as I never stretch enough.

Fortunately my legs had returned for riding to work and I felt fine, not fast just normal speed.

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