Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Hmm, one of those days

This morning it took all my strength to lever myself out the door, I just wanted to go back to bed and hide there. Over to Heaton Park to school number one. My head felt foggy all morning which isn't ideal for teaching anything! I was offered a lift between schools but thought riding would be good for me especially with the sun shining. Next school was over on the building site that used to be Maine Road, so I stopped off at Platt Fields Park to eat my sandwiches. Seeing as I had been aware of hardly anything on the way there and focussing seemed hard it was amazing the difference that half an hour in the park made. Got to school and could cope with normal human things like conversation.

Hometime came and the rain started, looking out I thought it was spitting so no waterproof trousers, 5 minutes down the road and I changed my mind! Past the house and over to Asda where I really stretched the limits of my bag! I'm not sure it counted as closed but it is amazing how much you could fit in!

Next came my dumbo moment, leaving late I sprinted over to Rivi for a night ride. Getting there 5 minutes late I thought I had missed them. No it turns out I really should check as noone else was riding! Came home the same way pushing hard on the hills and really enjoyed it. 17miles in total with maybe a little more than usual on tarmac.

Off to bed to hope I wake up in less of a foggy/dumbo mood tomorrow!

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