Saturday, 28 November 2009

Haslingden CX

After a few weeks of not racing I headed over to Haslingden today for the cross race. The plan at the moment is just to go to races I can ride to, otherwise it is well out of my budget. Ali had decided to come with me today as the mileage would give her a new monthly PB for road bike miles. I thought I had been really organised and got everything packed. About 7 minutes from home and I realised I had forgotten my number and my purse. So Ali kindly offered to go home and get them - she is faster than me and was on a road bike. I continued spinning my way along and got to the turn off for Haslingden where I had said I would wait. 5 minutes later along sprints Ali. So it was a quick spin to the race HQ to register and then time to take off all the extra layers. No time to pre-ride but everyone said there was no really point!

The race itself was very different to anything I have done. We started on a narrow tarmac climb and it took a while to get going, minutes later my bike stopped. It was completely clogged up. I mainly walked/staggered around this lap. I think that narrower tyres would be a good idea, looking round mine are wide. Any suggestions? Lap two and I let a little bit of air of the tyres. Then I punctured the front. I have no idea how. Nearly 20minutes was spent trying to fix it then someone lent me a wheel. I basically carried the bike round a third lap and finished. I was probably last and I was pretty rubbish in the mud. I am so slow off the bike! But it was fun!

After that there was some chatter and my bike got a bit of a wash from Ali's friends - otherwise I would have had to try and get some of the worst off using my camelbak! Some flapjacks and crispie cakes were consumed before we headed off home. Top of the first climb we both stopped to add layers, it was cold! It was faster on the way home, something to do with a change in elevation of -100m! But pedally enough to stay warmish! By the time we were nearly home some of the cars had lights on! I guess it is getting dark earlier. But not that early!

Now time to wash all my muddy kit and think about getting my bike a little cleaner for tomorrow's cross race in Bolton. I hope it is a little less muddy!


  1. "I hope it is less muddy!"

    So do I! I kept crashing at Bingley last week 'cause the front wheel grew a mud'n'leaf auto-stop device :-(

  2. I might be at the race tomorrow. Just got to wait and see what my legs are like. It's one of the few races that I can get away with semi-slick on the MTB with.

    I have a set of Mitchelin Mud 3 tyres. They are apparently the best clinchers available for muddy conditions. As they wont fit onto any of my bikes they might as well go to a good home.

  3. Hmm, I hope it's not that muddy tomorrow :(

  4. Tyres would be useful.

    I don't think it can be that muddy anywhere else! My bike did really seem to suffer as well. I think it might be me though as my mountain bikes do as well. Probably as I am heavy for my height I sink???

    Legs who needs legs red, I have done loads this week but I can pootle round chatting to Simon - who has promised not to lap me!

  5. the michelin muds are what i run for 90% of the races - the 30c width ones are great - fast rolling, grippy, light, clear mud well (as well as any 'cross tyre anyway)

    not puncture proof though, as i discovered today!

  6. I'm never going to complain about cleaning my bike again.

  7. My tyres are 35mm, I think that was the main issue!

    My bike needs washing today, I couldn't face doing a proper job when I got home, lazy I know! All the big bits of mud were removed at the race before I rode home though.

    Results are out and I was in the top 100 at 97th! Okay only 97 finished. But amazingly enough I wasn't the only one who was 4 laps down!

  8. nope, still want to have a go sometime!

  9. You would be brilliant at it, the mix of running/biking suit you!