Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Muddy puddles

Well last week was fun and tiring but there was relatively little exercise really and no running. So after a nice rest day yesterday to recover from working 14 hour days I headed out running today. The plan was 30mins, off-road working reasonably hard. I had it in my head I wanted to average 10 min/mile. My garmin is set in kilometres so I had thought that was about 6:15 min/km. Off I went across the grass behind my house, I always get odd looks here especially when it is muddy as there is a perfectly good pavement next to it, but my knees thank me for it. Over the main road, down to a bit of hidden singletrack that now has gates all along it, one to miss on the bike! Onto the golf course and up a muddy slippy climb, heard a cheer through the trees from some golfers, not sure if it was a good shot or for me! At the top add another muddy loop, then back to the edge of the golf-course. Ignore the gravel track and its along the football pitches, they are very muddy and a little hilly. Up the steps, then push along the backs, last bit of pavement and I'm home. 9:47 min/mile average over 2.92 miles. Not bad going.


  1. not bad at all :) i'm sure the cheer was for you!

  2. I heard the word pink and I had a pink jacket on so I suspect it was ;-) I think they probably thought I was mad trying to run up that path! I was but I was determined to run and not walk!