Saturday, 14 November 2009

Cheeky Hayfield

Green and Pink
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Woke up today and it sounded windy and rainy out. The thought of going back to bed did occur but I headed off to Hayfield with Ali. We got there in loads of time, first so no rushing this week to get ready. Soon the others arrived and it was time to head off. First along the Sett Valley trail and then I was lost. All new trails and maybe a little bit of cheek!

At one point we were at the top of a huge drop and we all gingerly stepped over a gap in some rocks. Most days I wouldn't have thought anything of it, but the wind made all all very cautious.

Ali's brakes decided to give up somewhere after this so she headed off to the pub and the rest of us did more climbing and more (slow in my case) descending.

After one of my shorter rides it was off to the pub for food, including a great chocolate brownie ice-cream cake and lots of chat.

My legs didn't want to go uphill today, I either have some strength work to do or I need a smaller gear. I know which option is easiest!

Thanks to Rich we have some good photos of the day - especially as I took none!

Oh and Happy Birthday to teacake for tomorrow!

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  1. short but hard-i can run faster downhill than i can ride. great fun!
    still enjoying my hat, thank you :)