Sunday, 29 November 2009

Mud mud glorious mud

Some people pay good money to get themselves covered in mud. I just go cross racing! After wasting too much time and arguing with Ali I quickly washed my bike (no idea why I bothered really) and rolled down the hill to leverhulme park. Signed on and did a lap. Course was lovely and muddy. Everything was covered! Slowly I removed all my warm layers so I was ready to race and lined up on the grassy start. It was almost like slow motion as we all sprinted across a muddy pit, little did I know that this was the quickest that I would manage this bit of the course!!!

I got a reasonable start and on the first hill was elbow to elbow going up the steps with another ride, only when I realised that their bike had pink bartape too did I realise it was Jenn. At the top I managed to get away as I got round a few people but she caught me before the end of the lap. The next two laps were spent just keeping her in sight. I then lost her through the mudpit that had been a grassy field - maybe the fact my tyres appear to be twice as wide as everyone elses has something to do with it? Pushing on I started to get chain suck, not helpful at all. The bell lap came and my chain came off three times on that lap. Once during a sprint to the line where I did just have the upper hand. Running as hard as I could I was just pipped in my own bid for glory!

Layers all on again, into the warm. Simon provided doughnuts and after the prizes were handed out. (I was third but no prize for that) I rolled home. Washed the bike, then me, then the clothes.

Much cheaper than a day spa and probably a lot more fun!


  1. Sounds very exciting, I really should give it a go sometime.

  2. Yes I was looking at Jenn's SS CX wondering...but I also like the gears in everything else I use the bike for!

  3. You probably don't get brought doughnuts if you go to the spa so muddy cx racing is much better :)

  4. Liverpool next sunday Jumbly? It's nearly the end of the season now though! But I enjoyed the last liverpool race, smaller field.

    No simon they probably feed you swamp water or something that is meant to cleanse you. Doughnuts win everytime!