Monday, 23 November 2009

Wet cold feet

Well I decided it was time to get out on the bike again and I wasn't working today so it was out the door before 9am for me! It wasn't long before I found a flooded trail, it hasn't really affected me here just the odd bit of road flooded as I basically live on the top of a hill and go into Manchester everyday. This reminded me how much rain had fallen!

I headed over to Ramsbottom and across the firing range, after climbing an easier way to Peel Tower. The stream there was too deep for me to try riding across and my feet were a little wet after wading through it.

Over to the duck, still looks closed and I realised that I hadn't really been sensible, my only spare layer as a thin waterproof - which I decided I had better put on - and I had no food with me, although a couple of energy gels so I would have been ok. Seeing as it was getting colder and wetter I headed home. Not without some more paddling and exploring a couple of new paths.

40km on the gps as I got home, feet are only just defrosting. Must remember to carry more in the winter!


  1. this is why you should always carry a hip flask ;)

  2. We all know I carry bottles of champagne!

  3. +2 on a hip flask!,england and wales is becoming the wettest countrys in the UK,not scotland!,forcast bad rest of week too!