Monday, 14 December 2009

Christmas Tree Time!

After a lot of discussion and compromise saturday was Christmas tree day.  So after the run we headed out to find a tree.  Ali spent her time looking at all the trees hidden in the corner that noone else was bothered with.  We eventually found a cute, wonky tree and it was love at first sight.  As the man tried to move it he broke the top off, but I was sure duck tape would fix it so we got it strapped to the roof of the car. 

The men at the place found it amusing we had a mini, but roof racks meant that it was easy enough.  Till we had to get the tree off the roof!  Once in the house and out of the net we realised how wide the tree was - the width of the room!  Still time to decorate.

Bubbles out and it was time to play with the lights and the tinsel.  Even Ali wasn't tall enough and had to stand on the sofa.  The wonky tree also kept trying to fall over but a dirtworker filled with water soon sorted that out!  Tree is perfect, if at a jaunty angle and Ali is a happy girl!


  1. is your tree giant or are you lying on the floor

  2. Cool tree! I love the way it looks on the Mini (I really dig those cars).

    Mice ruined our pre-lit synthetic tree,I just found out this weekend as I pulled it from the shed...looks like I'll be looking for one within my property line to cut this year...and I better quit lazing around and get it done soon,LOL!

  3. Giant tree of course kate, I am also a shortie!

  4. Perfect timing. There's a parcel on its way to put under it!

  5. Wow, that's one beautiful big Xmas Tree. Loooooove it! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy (and not just because it's 29C outside!). :-)