Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Brick Training

Back in May my friend Carolyn talked me into doing a duathlon over at rivington. One of the hard things about the event was how difficult it was to run after the bike leg. It felt like I was barely shuffling along for at least ten minutes. Anyway I came up with a plan today for some brick training. I was hoping to get up early and out but it never happened, Anna though must have been out in the pitch black this morning! So a bit of working out my day and I went out at 9am. I did the same loop as yesterday only today someone had asked the wind to blow me about all over the place, at one point I was on a flat road struggling to move at 6mph! But it was an enjoyable ride and although slower than yesterday I felt I had worked hard.]

Back in the house and I changed into trainers shed the waterproof and headed out on a loop I have done a few times, I was finding it hard going - but not as hard as in the duathlon. The steps on the loop seemed even harder than usual but gave me an idea for a training session that should help with cross. Once back I did a bit of core work, although less than sunday as the minute I started my abs were screaming in pain - that's because I never work them!!!

It made a great training session and I'm tired now, but I have a busy afternoon so I'd better not fall asleep!

Garmin Stats:
Cycling: 23.35miles @ 12.9mph 633m climbed
Running: 3.37miles @ 9'44" min/mile pace


  1. Running after cycling is weird, I don't find it anywhere near as difficult cycling after running though. Probably because my muscles are a lot more conditioned to cycling, that is their default setting.

  2. Yes but I'm sure it'll get me fit! I find that in events that are hard - such as transwales or a long mtb marathon - however tired or sore I get I can continue riding as my legs just know how to pedal, it doesn't seem to work with running though.

  3. Your nuts Trio!!

    I hope your legs feel better tomorrow!

  4. I find it doesn't work with running either. Slow pedalling is still pedalling and my legs will still go round. Slow running just becomes slow painful walking eventually.

  5. I've had wind on every ride lately, so I can relate to having a slower, but still hard ride. I keep telling myself it's good training to fight the wind all the time! I just don't know why it isn't at my back as often as I'm riding into it... I would definitely need a nap after what you've done combining biking and a run! Amazing!

  6. good work! i really must try and do some core...

  7. I was definitely out in the pitch black!
    Keep up the good work :o)