Wednesday, 5 November 2008

3 in 30

I had plans today that I would get out early for my long road ride of the week. Instead I struggled to get out of bed at all after not sleeping well. So plans changed and I went out at lunchtime. I planned a 20mile route of mapmyride loaded it onto the garmin setting the virtual partner to 13mph and headed out. The orute was hilly, but hey that's my local roads - I worked out that if I did it 5 times I would have climbed 3000m in 100miles - and some of them were very slippy. I was climbing out of the saddle at one point and I had to sit down quickly when my rear wheel started slipping! As I was climbing out of Belmont I saw a helicopter parked in the car park of san marino, someone with more money than me was obviously there for lunch! The only thing I'll change with the route was the descent off scout road as it was slippy today, as a night ride it would be scary, but I could continue to chorley old road and come home from there. I even took a pic of the garmin to show I had rode for over an hour!

Garmin Stats:
20.78 miles @ 14.5mph (I was working quite hard the whole way round so pleased with this average)
600m climbed
Average HR 146bpm


  1. good work-so you beat the little man!

  2. More I beat the little arrow, I have yet 'raced' against the man as I'm always following the route! But it is good as made me keep pushing on the hills!

  3. The Garmin Virtual Partner sounds interesting. How does that work? Well done on your ride. I wish I could just go out at lunch time when I feel like sleeping in. (Big Sigh)

  4. I'm trying to make sure I take advantage of the fact I can ride when I want more or less at the moment as it won't last. January will change alot. But I know that I will regret it if I don't use the time I have!

    The virtual training partner is where you load a course or a workout. I either load a course that I have planned on the computer so it follows a route at a set speed, or I load one that is me doing the route before. The watch then tells you how far in front or behind you are, really motivating if you use it on a route you've don before, really demoivating when you fell slow and rubbish and they just disapear off the screen they are that much faster!