Friday, 7 November 2008

5 in 30

Today I thought I was going to fail the challenge, now I have been thinking that it will be okay to fail but I wanted to get past the 5th day. Anyway at 5pm I got out knowing it would have to be a quick ride so I planned an out and back route onto Winter Hill. In typical trio fashion it was a longer route than I realised!

Garmin Stats:

12.25miles @ 9.2mph
380m climbed
Average HR 133bpm


  1. Hurrah, you managed to get out :oD

    Hope it was a good ride

  2. Great ride! I love being up on winter hill at night. Although my inability to ride downhill was funny!

  3. another solo nightride, nice one! longer than you planned, did that mean you had a sick and worried person to come home to?!

  4. Glad you managed to get out! Downhill at night? I am so impressed!

  5. It wasn't that hard a downhill I'm just a wimp!

    Al expects me out longer than I say and I rang her when I was halfway round. She is worse today though so I might not be riding.