Saturday, 1 November 2008

October mileage

So October has finished and its time for me to look at the month. Generally it has felt like a good month, I haven't felt like I was training just riding for fun. Yet mileage wise it is my second best month. I've also kept running through the month, twice each week apart from when my knee was sore. The other plus with my running is I have got faster, I've gone from being unable to sustain 10 min/mile pace to running under that pace all month

Running 35.68 miles (Average pace 9:40min/miles)
Road Cycling 568 miles 76% (Average speed 13.6 mph)
Off-road cycling 182 miles 24% (Average Speed 8.5mph)
121 miles singlespeed
Total Cycling 750 miles

So what have I planned for November, well hopefully a few more cyclo-cross races, they really are fun if hard hard work, then some more long road rides, it looks like in January I will have a lot less time so I want to take advantage of it now. Also I want to keep running twice a week, I like just seeing the green on the graph for running!


  1. Your miles for the year are impressive and inspiring! Well done! Looking forward to checking back to read more about your riding fun.

  2. Thanks Sarah. This is my first year with any real mileage so hopefully I can keep it up!

  3. yeh, it is really impressive, particularly if you felt you weren't really training.

  4. No I didn't, but I was trying to do one longish road ride a week so I didn't lose all my endurance! That helps!

  5. Hi
    Just wondering how you make your geeky graphs? :)

  6. Just in excel, I have all the date in sportstrack and I just put monthly totals into excel for a graph!