Thursday, 6 November 2008

4 in 30

I met up with Anna today for a ride out to Dunham Massey. It is a long time since we have done this ride, in fact a long time since we have rode together! Anna has set herself a challenge of riding 300miles this month so this should add to her total! Anyway we met at the velodrome at 10am, I timed it perfectly arriving at 2 minutes to, I was pleased with my average speed of 16.2mph on the way here as there were a few stretches with lots of traffic. Anna had told me that it would be a slow ride as her knee was a little sore so I thought it would be perfect for base training. Turns out she obviously doesn't know how much faster she got as we averaged 14.4mph (we used to do between 11.5mph and 12mph going out here!). But it was a great ride. Anna has a new way back taking in the fallowfield loop and it cuts out a lot of main road and going through the centre of manchester, a big improvement on the route and means I get to ride along talking more - hope the ears recover Anna! We split just before the velodrome as we were near Annas' flat and I headed home (managing to average 15.4mph without pushing too hard). I even remembered I had to stop and get mince for tea.

Usually on this ride we stop at Dunham massey for lunch but Anna has a new stop at the lavendar cafe, it was very cute with everything painted lavendar, but more importantly it had nice chocolate cake ;)

Garmin Stats:
64.21miles @ 15mph
610m climbed
Average HR 129bpm

Highlighted section on the elevation graph is the part that I rode with Anna

Hope we can do it again soon Anna I had lots of fun!

Oh and unfortunately Jumbly was unable to ride yesterday, don't you hate when real life gets in the way of a challenge!


  1. Sure will do it again trio. It was a fab ride.
    Glad you liked the tweaked sections too :o)

  2. It made it so much better, before it felt lie after lunch you just had to ride back to manchester it was just a way back, now its a lot more fun!

  3. Looking forward to trying the newly discovered cafe and riding the new route!

  4. What fun to meet up with a friend and have snack stops too! Good job doing all that climbing!

  5. That was a really flat route, the elevation profile looks worse than it is!

  6. i'd hate to see your hilly routes!

  7. You have to be careful and look at the scale!