Thursday, 20 November 2008

Running in the dark

Ali was told at the Physio yesterday to try running with the strapping on her knee today. I suggested this morning but she laughed so once she got home we headed out. We did one of my usual loops. Once we got off-road I found it a lot less scary than last time and havign two head torches was definetly better than one. Ali said she thought it was a little spooky but that she would do it again.

Garmin Stats

3.37 @ 9'39" min/mile pace


  1. I agree with Ali, thats a long run

  2. biking and running on the same day-you seem to be sticking to your plan. keep it up!

  3. Got nowhere near my plan this week, but thanks. This was fun, I love running with Ali now that we are similar speeds and she doesn't have to walk so as not to drop me on any sort of slope. Will soon end when she gets training again!