Sunday, 23 November 2008

Reviewing the week

So how did this week go? Well I certaintly didn't stick to my plans. Lots of reasons, well one main one but it took me till near the end of the week to work out my lack of motivation. Anyway what did I do compared to what I had planned?

Mon 23mile road ride I did this in the rain
Tues 4 hour singlespeed ride + running Nothing, but knee was sore
Wed 46 mile road ride 19mile singlespeed ride off-road
Thurs Running 13mile singlespeed off-road and 3.4miles running
Fri Singlespeed ride 80mile road ride
Sat Southport ride 30mile singlespeed ride
Sun Rest 26mile singlespeed ride

So I guess it was a pretty good week after all. I love road miles as they add up quicker but then I've had some great mountain bike rides this week.


  1. That's a busy week! Well done =)

  2. i hope you keep posting this kind of stuff, i find it really interesting. particularly seeing what you had planned and what you actually did. oh, good week by the way :)

  3. Thanks kate, I assumed that I was the only one this would interest! Seeing as I haven't done a this weeks plan here it is:

    mon long road ride
    tues much needed rest day
    wed leading night ride
    thurs navigation practice out rochdale way on the singlespeed
    fri short road ride
    sat rest
    sun Cyclo-cross race