Monday, 3 November 2008

Training plans, running in the dark and Ali's knees

Lots to blog about today, which probably means I'll write the shortest blog entry ever as I forget everything. But I'll try.

First off are plans for this week, very rough and if it doesn't happen that's fine as well since I'm in haing fun mode. Which works well for base training. So the plan is:

1 x 30mins running
1 x 40mins running
2 x singlespeed rides
1 x long road ride

Basically what I did for most of October but I've upped one run to 40 minutes, I'm trying to think of time and not worry about pace.

I made a start today when I went running at 5pm, I thought of sticking to the roads but didn't want to hurt my legs like that so I put a head torch on. It is very scary, I saw one person and one dog when I was off-road, the dog really scared me as it ran out of the bushes. But in some ways it is fun, I think with someone else it would be fine. But it gives the adrenline rush that riding off road in the dark gives, I will always leave my route with Ali and vary it though. The head torch just about gave out enough light, but then I guess I'm comparing with my bike lights.

Garmin Stats:
4.01 miles @ 10:06 min/mile pace
Average HR 164pm

Now onto Ali's knee. She has rested since last monday when it started playing up on the furthest point from home on our run so we thought yesterday was a good time to try running. Since I was still feeling ill I stayed in and she basically ran laps of the house, a little loop that was about 0.4 miles long. She went round 3 times and then stopped as it had started to hurt again. Not good so today she rang the Physio. It needs to get sorted as this is the time of year she usually hibernates and the longer she spends not doing anything the harder she'll find it to get out and since I'm in charge of her training for london the more we'll argue!


  1. running off road, in the dark, on your own-hardcore!
    knee injuries often take longer to recover than you think. can ali do some sort of cross training instead?

  2. That is the plan, I had planned a nice bike ride for her on saturday, she made it clear she didn't want to go, so when I was ill she had the perfect excuse! It's going to be a hard winter dragging her out!

    The thing is she wants to run, so either I control it with things like loops round the house or I'll find she heads off up winter hill or something! At the moment she is accepting that I know more about these things!

  3. One legged squats! The exercise of Satan but they did help my knee problems out. The sports therapist I go see regularly told me to do them but in a very specific way, hopefully the fizz will be able to sort the knee out but she needs to see someone, knees are not to be messed with.

  4. I know, I'm always going to have silly knees, too many years of skiing moguls.

    Can you come round and make her do one-leg squats, I have been trying but no. I'm hoping a Physio telling her to do it will help!

  5. Which physio are you using? Mine sticks little needles in me and then everything is fine!

  6. I only started following your blog recently. Who is Ali? Knee problems suck.

  7. Ali is my long suffering partner who usually is too busy looking after me, but has decided to run a marathon next year so has to train through the winter for the first time ever.