Friday, 21 November 2008

How hard was that?

I had big plans to get out for 7am this morning, instead I took forever to wake up this morning, even after breakfast I was like a zombie. I got annoyed at myself though as I knew I would be mad if I didn't go out so at 11am I set off to Southport. I have never cycled in such windy conditions, it must have been a headwind most of the way there, apart from the odd side wind which tried to take me off my bike. I felt like I was grovelling along! At one point I stopped to check my rear wheel wasn't jammed on. After an hour I nearly turned back, but I knew I would be annoyed at myself so I continued battling. I even had hail at one point on the way out. I was pleased to get on the coast road and for a change used all the cycle path, it was taking all my strength to nearly go in a straight line and I was barely moving. By this point I was hurting!

I got to Southport at 3pm, an hour later than I would expect! Took a while but I found a chippy open and enjoyed chips with my sandwiches away from the sea front, I normally ride back to the sea wall but it was just too cold there! Then it was time to go back to the coast road and start the battle again. It was probably after Tarleton that the wind seemed to die down, but no no tail wind! I was glad I had put my Joystick on my bike as it was pitch black by the time I was getting close to Addlington and I was on a country lane, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had enough light to see by. The joystick seemed to work as well on road as my bigger light, I think because it penetrates further it worked well for road riding.

On the way back I was surprised as I could see Winter Hill from the coast, that's normally my sign that I am near home not as far away as I was going to get! There was a lovely sunset which I did my best to capture but I only had my camera with me. Home along Chorley New Road, I couldn't bear the thought of hills. This was when cars started trying to kill me, I guess everyone wanted to get home since it was Friday evening?

When I got home I was so glad to be home but I was really glad I had gone, I know I would have done nothing all day and beat myself up about it. Although I didn't really enjoy it I am pleased with myself for battling through!

78.9miles @ 12.6mph
800m climbed


  1. I hurt just reading about all that!! You are amazing for battling wind and hail! It's really annoying when you are cheated out of a tailwind too. I pretty much avoid riding on the roads around here on Friday's from 3 or 4 onwards. The traffic gets pretty crazy!

  2. Don't you hate when you battle the head wind on the way out and the only thought that keeps you going is that there will be a rewarding tail wind blowing you home ... and then the wind changes. Or dies. I can feel your pain.

  3. I was thinking of you Sarah when I was out by the coast, I guess these are the conditions you have to battle a lot? I was ready to cry by the time I got there and can't say I enjoyed the ride but there is a great sense of achievement to completing it!

  4. heroic! bet you enjoy it today though, massive smug factor-nice one! you could have made it over to nottingham with that millage but i guess the ride back would have been tough ;)

  5. ...just wondering if this works-i keep having trouble posting...sorry if there are duplicate posts

  6. Yes I have to post twice, no idea why, I'll try changing the comments to a seperate window!

    Yes I could have got to Nottingham but I think 160miles so I could get home might be a bit much. I can just imagine what Ali would say when I rang her begging for a lift!