Monday, 10 November 2008

Another week and a good start

First of all I completed all last weeks plans. I think writing them down on here helped! So what have a planned for this week:

1 x 30min run
1 x 50min run
2 x mtb rides (practising navigation)
2 x road rides

The other thing I want to do is get better at getting out in the mornings, its not that long ago I was out on my bike at 6:30am commuting. Now I seem to have wasted time in the morning. So this morning I got out of bed when I woke up and was out the door, after breakfast and a little internet, for 7:15am. I had planned a variation of the ride I had done on wednesday, it was a little longer but should avoid the two really skiddy roads. I set my virtual training partner to 14mph, but since it was just planned on mapmyride it meant that he was doing a constant 14mph, with the hills round here there was no chance of me matching that!

Part way through I stopped to take a picture of the view and noticed I was 1.82km behind (my computer is set to km since so many events measure in km I wanted to get used to them as a unit). I kept getting further and further behind until I started heading back towards home along Chorley Old road. By the time I got home my garmin was showing me as 1.11km ahead. So I was pretty sure I had beaten my target of 14mph (which I thought might be a bit optimistic!).

Garmin Stats:
26.65miles @ 14.2mph
635m climbed
Average HR 146bpm

Next time I will have the virtual partner based on todays ride so I will be racing myself, should mean I can stay in touch on the hills!

This takes me past 7000miles for the year!


  1. Congratulations on reaching the 7000 mark!

  2. Yes I'm pleased as my aim was 600omiles, which seemed so much at the start of the year. Now the question is what should be my target for 2009?