Sunday, 16 November 2008

The Gill Pimblott Memorial 5k trail race

Amy finishing
Originally uploaded by jumbly

Originally I was going to ride over and dump my stuff in Jumbly's car but Ali decided she didn't want to ride to cheer me on but drive and that I was coming with her. Then there was a change of plan where she decided she might run so put her running kit on. We got there and she entered and it wasn't long before the start. I got away a little quicker than her and Jumbly at the start so I was waiting for them to come past me when I started struggling. The whole way round I was tracking the same guy which made me run hard but I could still breath and could have just responded if someone spoke to me. Coming into the finish I was expecting Ali to do her usual sprint finish so I kept pushing and finished in front of her.

Garmin Stats:

Distance: 3.09miles (So I registered just under 5k but it does sometimes slightly under-measure)
Time: 24'55"
Pace: 8'05 min/mile WOW!!!
Official time was 24'53" Which placed me 6/12 in my category and 58/80 overall

Well done to Jumbly who won her category!

At the end I got my picture taken with Ron Hill, who finished a couple of places ahead of me.


  1. Wow!!!! That is quick.

    I am so glad Ali can now run on her knee.

  2. yeh, bet you're really pleased with that pace-nice one!

  3. Woo! Told you you would suprise yourself!

  4. Thanks, you were right Julbags. Shows that the running I have been doing and all the cycling for the last year has made a big difference! Will definetly try a few more running events!

  5. When I was cycling a lot more I was a faster runner over short distances. I am much better over longer runs now but don't have the same speed, weird. Once this DIY frenzy is out of the way I need some longer offroad rides.

  6. How odd, I guess its all to do with specific training. If you fancy some more DIY I have a house that needs lots doing!