Saturday, 15 November 2008

The ride that Anna tried to kill me on...

To round off three great days of riding, on Friday I met Anna at the Manchester velodrome for a repeat of last weeks ride. We headed out to the cafe again on the way there I was passing a line of stationary cars when a bus started coming the other way as i stopped the next thing I here is anna shouting trio and pushing me into the cars, sorry to the car I went into. She obviously decided to push me under a car instead of her going under a bus ;) Once at the cafe I enjoyed a hot chocolate which was appreciated as we had cycled there in constant drizzle. The cafe was busier than last week, with some cyclists there when we arrived and more arriving as we left.

Heading back the rain had fortunately stopped!and we did a little exploring including a little bit of off-roading before following the route back from last time. On the fallowfield loop there was a nice slippy bit under a bridge that was a little off camber and Anna decided to dive on the floor - odd choice of something to do! Somehow her chain got itself all tangled, her brakes jammed on and her shifter moved a little. Apart from the shifter I got it all sorted and Anna was back on her bike a little battered but she should be fine.

After that it was back towards the velodrome where we split and we headed home.

Garmin Stats
63.85miles @ 14.3mph
610m climbed
Average HR 130bpm


  1. Are you alright Trio?
    Is the bike alright?

  2. Both me and my bike are fine as I was basically track standing at the time and the car was stationary! Anna's bike was also fine after I gave it a little tlc, shifter needs straightening but that is an easy job with an allen key.

  3. Trio did you shove Anna off and break her bike as revenge for her trying to push you under a car?

  4. Well..........................

  5. I read Anna's blog, she has broken bones! Trio that's pretty rough for a road ride!