Thursday, 27 November 2008

Rooley Moor Road

So todays plan was to do some more navigation practice, riding from home. I plotted a route and got out my highlighters and map. The weather forcast wasn't great but when I left just after 9am it was fine. Some new trails from near me took me out in Bury, where I explored a bit and ended up riding up some steps, they were shallow but there were a lot of them! Then I just went on the road to the start of Rooley Moor Road.

First impression was that this would be a great place to practise climbing on cobbles if you were to enter the tour of flanders sportive. Although it seemed steep I had no problems getting up it on my singlespeed, I have to admit I was a little worried about taking the rig somewhere I hadn't ridden before. Maybe I'll start taking it on more rides. Looking back when I got to the top I could see Rochdale in the distance.

Then it was following the clear track across the moors, at some point it got windy and started raining. Before I got to Waterfoot I split from the pennine bridleway and soon realised I had actually been on this trail before and it was taking me to the windmills. I had to walk a lot of it and some of it was very boggy, coming above my shoes. Just as I reached the windmills and was about to descent the weather got worse meaning I went downhill nearly blind.

After that various weaving and some sustrans trail brought me out at Tottington and then it was a case of riding home.

I love exploring from home and I love singlespeeding!

Stats: 29.41miles @ 8.2mph 920m climbed


  1. good effort for getting up RMR on't one speeder. It's not too bad apart from the steepest bit near the bottom.

    can't think where the steps are though...presumably in Bury town centre?

  2. So did you do the descent down into Waterfoot? I love that as a descent. Its a complete beyatch as a climb though. I climbed Rooley Moor 42 miles into our MTL, in a day outing, the feel of every cobble is still etched into my lower back and I was on a full suspension! I always seem to climb it knackered which doesn't help.

  3. Thanks terrahawk. The steps were in Bury somewhere, I was trying to follow the cycle paths and this is where it took me, I've always just rode through on the main road.

    No I didn't do the descent into Waterfoot Julbags I had gone a different way to start heading home, but that was a bit of a push so maybe next time I'll try that! I suppose I had fresher legs as I wasn't planning on doing a 47mile loop! Also I was on the singlespeed so stood up most of the time so the cobbles weren't as bad, my lower back was sore but that was from dragging the rig up I think, note to self CORE WORK!!!

    Will get the maps out again next week, I like this exploring from home!