Saturday, 8 November 2008

The end of my 30 in 30

Yesterday when I went out for a ride I didn't feel too bad as Ali seemed better. But another night with no sleep and her getting worse has made the decision for me. Although I have nipped out to the supermarket to get a few bits, some that she needed, and I may go for a quick run later. I really can't leave her alone for an hour, she can barely walk anywhere she has no energy. So I got to 5 in 30. I will probably try again another month but in some ways it has been a good thing as I have had to allow myself to fail at something! Now I have to learn not to beat myself up about it.


  1. sorry to hear Ali's unwell, sounds horrible.
    but as you say, accepting you can't complete something is sometimes as impressive as completing it. you've had an amazing year and i look forward to hearing what you get up to next year!

  2. Probably for the best Trio. I was worried you'd become obsesive about it.

  3. Sorry Ali isn't feeling well! Don't be hard on yourself about the 30/30. Just try it another time and remember to let me know so I can try it with you then too :)

  4. both you and jumbly have got me thinking about my reasons for this challenge-i'm not quiet sure yet but apart from having fun the by product is that i'm learning things about myself. which i think is part of it be a 'successful' challenge. so, by the sounds of it you've been successful.
    hope ali is on the mend now

  5. I think everyone has different ideas on what their personal challenge was. For me it was to complete an hour of exercise a day, as I knew that I couldn't run for that long it would be on the bike. But I still wasn't sure the sense in me doing it, I am a bit too stubborn for my own good sometimes. I managed 20 days with a ride last month so I know I can get near to 30, the question was could I do 30? Ali did tell me at about 6pm to go out, but she was really ill. Fortunately she is loads better now and back at work, good as I am rubbish with ill people! As to wherther I will try again I'm unsure as to if I will have a month where it is sensible, unless I choose January - but that might be hard going! I'm not sure I'm as hardcore as Kate who headed out at 10:15pm one night!