Sunday, 9 November 2008

Wet, cold and dark

That was what greated me at 5pm when I headed out running. I'd only been out once this week and I want to keep in the habit of running twice a week. I decided to do laps on the roads round my house. Each time I passed the house I had completed 1.33miles. Originally I planned to run two laps but realised that this would be under 30minutes so I did three. Once I got going it was actually fun and didn't bother me just running in circles, not that I would do it everyday! When I got back I did some core work, something I have neglected (or in actual fact have only done twice this year). I'm hoping to get into the habit of this during the winter.

Garmin Stats:
3.99miles @ 9:20 min/mile pace
54m climbed
Average HR 184bpm

Thanks for all the nice emails/messages Ali is a lot better today. She is up and about and eating.


  1. Core work, I need to do that (or go climbing). I hate doing it

  2. I find singlespeeding helps my core strength but I know I should do more specific exercise. But hey 3 times in a year is good isn't it?