Monday, 3 November 2008


A couple of blog friends, kate and jumbly, have decided to try and do a 30in30 this month. This is where you cycle for one hour or more a day. They have both made good starts - read about it on their blogs. When kate first said about it I thought about it and thought better of it, I think I'd put too much stress on myself to complete it! I'd probably end up doing something silly like hurting myself or taking lots of backwards steps. But on the other hand I have a lot of time this month and it may be a long time before I have this time again, I forsee 2009 being very busy. So I do want to make the most of it and get some good miles in. I think I'll stick to my aims of continuing with my running and making sure I get one good long road ride in a week. But in I will try and do another 30in30 challenge where for every day of the month I do one thing that I'm pleased is useful - doesn't need to be much yesterday evening I cleaned the bathroom. But so that I feel useful.


  1. what riding a bike for an hour everyday isn't useful! ;)
    our bathroom needs cleaning as well, you could combine that with your (very!) long ride!

  2. Are you in Nottingham? It's only 85miles or something. But I won't be doin it to clean a bathroom!!! Also I think it would kill me when I tried to ride back.

    I cleaned the oven today!

    I think riding an hour a day is very useful, in fact I would be doing it if I was still commuting anyway, but I'm terrible I would get obsessed and ride even if I got ill or something so I'll wait till I learn to be sane!

  3. Good to see that you have determined you are now 'sane'.....

  4. Or maybe even more insane than I realise!