Wednesday, 12 November 2008

I've entered a 5k race

Some of you may have spotted I've added a new event to my list for 2008, the Gill Pimblott memorial 5k, yes I have entered a running event!!! Now I have done two 5k's before, about 5 years ago, both race for life events. I think I was close to 30mins on both of them, maybe just under on one and just over on the other. So what should I aim for this time? Since I am not sure of the terrain I don't know what is a sensible aim but whatever I run will be a PB since I have no idea what time I ran the other two in really. I was think I might aim for 27'30" but then this is running sub 9 min/miles a pace I have never managed! A quick look at my sportstracks shows that 9'30" min/miles might be a more realistic aim - still hard though. That would mean a time of 29'41", so I think I'll aim for breaking 30minutes.


  1. My plan is to remember to take some biscuits to donate for the raffle, it's all in aid of a cancer centre, have a good time and get near Ron Hill for a photo at some point in the afternoon.

  2. It's a race, you'll go faster than you think you can even on trails. My first road 10K I averaged about 8:25 mm pace, I'd never gone anywhere near that fast in training and I probably can't run that fast now. I'm running the same 10K again at the end of the month so I'll find out but I'm not looking forward to being slower after lots more running.

  3. as julbags says you'll be faster on race day. try starting nearer the front than feels comfortable and you'll easily break the 30min mark
    a photo of ron hill would be ace!