Sunday, 30 November 2008

Cross racing in the cold

Today was another race at Leverhulme Park and so it would be silly for me not to do it. I spun down the road to it in loads of layers since it was cold out. By the time I got there I was quite hot as it was actually very sunny. I decided to race in a woolly base layer, jersey, shorts, knee warmers ,my summer shoes and my winter gloves. I actually was okay so I think that was a good choice. The start was frantic and I didn't seem to get away. But it meant there was actually a group of four females all racing close together. For a while I was in third and then I managed to pass the two ahead of me and get in the lead (of the womens race ;) ) But then someone else came past and once we got on the grass and mud she could pull away, my bike was getting heavier and heavier.

It was a good race and I was actually one of the last to finish as I got through the bell just before the winners finished.

I would have waited for results and prize giving but it was getting dark and I had no lights!

Oh and hi to whoever recognised me from my blog, fame at last! ;)


  1. so you might be in for a belated prize?

  2. sorry, i also meant to ask...what's the difference between leg warmers and wearing full length tights? pros and cons please!

  3. I'll write a post now especially for you!