Monday, 1 December 2008

November mileage

End of November and it only feels like yesterday that I was writing my October Mileage post. It was another month of just riding and enjoying it although I was also aware that I wanted to keep my base miles up. As a month I was nowhere near the mileage of Sarah, who went over 1000miles and my mileage was down on last month but more of it was off-road.

Running 22.41 miles (Average pace 9:45min/miles)
Road Cycling 421 miles 65% (Average speed 13.5 mph)
Off-road cycling 231 miles 35% (Average Speed 8.3 mph)
150 miles singlespeed
Total Cycling 652 miles

There was also less running but I have kept it up so I was happy with that.

Looking at my graph for hours spent on each discipline I am close to 50/50 on/off road with cycling. With just slightly more time spent on road. I think that is hard to avoid as road riding leads to nice mileage totals which motivates me to get out and do a long ride once a month.

Now onto December, this is likely to be the last month I have a lot of time during the week for long rides so I want to make sure I am doing at least one long road ride and one long off-road ride a week. With also keeping up the running that will keep me busy. The other thing is to try and do core work at least once a week, I know all the benefits but I am generally just lazy when it comes down to it. So here is to a priductive, if cold, December.


  1. i'm always so impressed with the amount of time and mileage you up clock up. make the most of the time you have left ;)

  2. Thanks kate, since this is the first year I have done anything like this I'm pleased, I'm hoping that having all the data will inspire me to keep going next year!

  3. It's a really good base of riding you have now to work off for the furture now. I normally take it really easy in December as I feel tired but I'm feeling quite lively at the minute so hopefully I'll have a productive month too.

  4. You so consistently do lots of miles every month! That is very impressive to be able to keep that up all year! Thanks for helping to motivate me to ride so much lately =) Do you have a particular core exercise book or routine you follow? I should start doing something...

  5. Leave your email address, I won't publish it, and I'll send you a really short workout that I've just done for a friend for starting out.

    I seem to have kept pretty consident this year, suprisingly actually. Before this I had never done mileage like this.

  6. I'm so glad someone else using Trios blog for motivation.

    I'm going to get Trio to make me a training schedule too (She doesn't konw this yet).

    It seems that she's helping a lot of people train.