Tuesday, 16 December 2008


Last night I stated ny intention on twitter to get up early and go for a run. I snoozed my alarm twice but was up 15minutes after it first went off, good for me at the moment. I had a plan of where I was running and had guessed it would be about 5 miles. I headed off and it was soon feeling hard, I don't think I can really say I was running, more jogging and shuffling than anything. I got a stitch after a mile and I had that horrible sweaty feeling. I find that usually when fit sweat is a clean sweat, it feels fine, doesn't smell when dry etc. But this was the sweat of unfit, clammy like you get when you are ill. Never mind I wanted to complete my plan. Which I did, no walking at any point. I was slow but the point was to get out and do it.

5.44miles @ 10'58" pace
104m climbed


  1. Well done, you got out. I think I'm fighting off yet another sniffle so I'm resting again....

  2. Yes that was the point of getting out so it was a success! Hopefully the next run will be easier.

  3. Most people would be very happy with 5.5 miles off-road in under an hour. I would be!

    Don't be so hard on yourself.

    Isn't running suppost to feel like hard work?

  4. What made you think it was off-road, on road at that time for safety reasons really.

  5. I can't imagine why Jon would think that you would be running off road ;)

  6. don't push too hard if you think you might be coming down with something. what race have you entered?

  7. Don't worry kate, I don't think I'm getting ill. I know what caused all the stuff over the weekend and exercise won't make it worse.

    Anyway this is the race,
    well the entry form!

    It is just off the M60, so easy to get to and I did a summer cross race there and that was fun.

    Fancy it? I'll feed you afterwards (don't worry ali will cook, she has a better range than just pizza!)

  8. drinks coasters as prizes-ace! thanks for the tempting offer but that's my weekend on :( i really need a new job fast

  9. Yes I imagine weekend working sucks! I'm trying to find a job which gives me a good work/life balance and is mon-fri office hours. Do they exist?