Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Last ride of 2008

I had arranged to meet Jumbly at Rivington at 10am. Somehow I ended up running late so Ali got up and gave me a lift over I was still a little late but not too bad. The car was showing -3 degrees when I got there so I knew it would be a cold one. We headed up onto Winter Hill and the change in the weather was dramatic, the freezing fog cleared and the sun came out, we were both shedding layers. Over to Belmont and back up the cheeky path. Some riding some skating and some walking due to ice. All good fun. Then along the Belmont Old Road where we were looking down on the clouds, my camera had decided it didn't like the cold by this point. Before heading down to the cafe for cake. Within seconds it was freezing again. So leaving the cafe I put a couple of extra layers on and they stayed on the whole way home, as I slowly tried to avoid the ice.

I felt very lazy when I got home and found Ali back from a 15 mile run, I can't say she isn't training now!

22.46 miles @ 6.9mph
800m climbed


  1. very jealous of your day out.
    do you fancy meeting up with jumbly for a ride on monday? somewhere in the peaks?

    ..well done ali!

  2. I can do monday, just need to check I can have the car but should be fine. I'll send out an email.

  3. Way to go, Ali! Wow!
    Your ride sounds like fun too!