Monday, 8 December 2008

A weekly round up

Well the week that just went is the first time in years I remember getting a reasonable amount of snow. In the end I did a fair few off-road rides in the week, went running a few times and finished the week off with a nice long roadride. So not a bad week.

My week:
Running x 2
Singlespeedmtb rides x 5
Road ride x 1

Next week:
So plans for this coming week

2 x singlespeed rides
2 x running
1x longish road ride


  1. >a century a month? tell me more...

  2. Basically the aim is to ride at least one 100km (for the metric version) or 100 mile (for the imperial version) ride every month for the year. I decided to do the metric version in 2008 and for some reason thought I'd failed in November but since yesterday I have one ride that is at least 100km every month.

    So do you fancy it?

  3. yep, count me in! i'll go for the metric version though-not want to set myself up for another fail ;) and congratulations on your ridiculously long rides!

  4. This doesn't sound like much of a challange for you Trio.

    Put me down for the metric challange too.

  5. Surely you can do the imperial Jon?

  6. I'm expecting to fail the metric challange; I will probably fail the imperial challange in Jan!

  7. Will have to pass on this one, getting to the start line of the marathon uninjured will be a big enough challenge for me. May join you after the marathon, will probably want a break from running then!

  8. Count me in, metric version.

  9. Fail, fail???

    A marathon is a big commitement, no way will you be up for biking challenges till after it!