Saturday, 13 December 2008

When do you decorate your Christmas tree?

I've always done the tree on the Christmas Eve but this year Ali was determined that it would be earlier. We haven't had a tree for a few years as we tend to go away for Christmas but this year with no money in the pot we will be around. So at lunchtime we headed off to choose a tree, after an hour we were both muddy from moving and picking up a lot of trees we had found a tree we both loved.

We got the nice men there to help us get it on the roof and headed home, I knew having bike racks would come in useful one day! We manoeuvred it into the house and set about making room for the tree. Then we got the lights on. Since Ali puts them away so neatly they look like they are new from the shop there were no cables to untangle. Makes it easier, if I was in charge they would be thrown in a bag!

Then we had to open the bubbles we had got for this moment!
Then it was time for all the other decorations. I love the smell of a real tree. Now all it needs is some presents. I have some ready to be wrapped so that is tonights plan, as then the tree will be all ready.

Christmas is feeling close with a tree, although I have a lot of presents to make! We've got a plan for Christmas Day that pleases everyone so hopefully it will be fun.

Last Christmas is a bit of a blur, although we were away at the snow, as I was too ill to appreciate it. So hopefully this year will be fun.


  1. Yey, I'm glad Ali got her own way at last.

    The tree's looking great!

  2. jane picked me up from work today with a tree in the back of the car. i now have a glass of brandy in hand am about to attack the tree!
    i always find christmas is full of conflicting pressures. my bike will be coming with me to visit my family-it's good to have an escape plan ;)

  3. also-how is your tree standing up? it appears to be defying gravity! good decorating by the way!

  4. Yes my bike will probably come to cambridge!

    The tree comes with a stand thing attached from where we bought it, so we don't have to think about how it stands up. Some presents have now gone under so it is looking better all the time, some are even for me!

  5. Beautiful tree and clever looking way of making it stand up! I still have to put mine up, it's faux, but we have a real wreath on the door so we get a dose of fresh balsam scent.

  6. I love the photo of the mini with the Christmas tree on it's roof. It's so English! :-)

    I probably won't bother putting up a tree. I just don't get into Christmas spirits here at 32C and hot humid weather.

  7. I can't imagine Christmas in the summer, it must be odd!

    Lots of people laugh at our car, so practical for bikes. But it works, the bikes go on the roof us inside!