Tuesday, 30 December 2008

2009 plans

I'm still not sure on my plans for 2009. I am hoping to do the etape du dales again and will try and get into the Fred Witton in the lakes, apparently it is very over-subscribed. I already have entry for the legbreaker and have entered a couple of running races. But as my main event I'm not sure. At the moment I can't afford transwales and Ali still says she wants to do it. I think I might try and do a few 12hour races and one 24 hour race solo, not sure how I will go staying up for 24 hours though, I don't seem to be capable of staying up lae anymore I just fall asleep.

I am also thinking of trying to get into the three peaks, another event I believe is hard to get into. Then I am going to do most of the NWCCA events next year so that I have enough couting events.

What are your plans?


  1. I'm slowly crossing loads of events off my list. Because i'm either not fit enough or I haven't got the money. I haven't been on the bike for well over a month now.

    I will probably be doing a few TLI road races, perhaps the odd time trial. (They're local and only £2 or so to enter.)

    I've no longer got any plans to do any Sportives or 12 hour races; but I might do one or two Meridas (Short distances only) and treat them as cheap holidays.

    So far I've entered the Potter Alf Marathon, which should be very interesting considering at the moment I probably can't run a mile and i've had my TLI racing license brought for me.

  2. Riding just for fun I think, although would be good to do a 24hr MTB event as a team seeing as I missed out last year. Competitive events for me will be fell races, Winter Hill in Feb, Half Tour of Pendle in March, that's as far ahead as I've got at the moment.

  3. hope you get an entry for the fw-looks like a fantastic route

    ooh, if all goes to plan hope to see you at pendle jumbly