Monday, 8 December 2008

Century a month challenge

Starting January 2009!

The idea is to do one ride that is over 100km (metric version) or 100miles (imperial version) so who fancies it? Good way to motivate yourself to do one long ride a month.

Metric Version


Imperial Version

Trio (am I crazy?)


  1. You know you'll do imperial. I can get my metric distance if I ride all the way to Uni and back, does two half rides in the same day count?

  2. Not sure, cafe stops are fine but I think the original said that long prolonged stops were out.

    Anyway you should do that at least once a week ;)

    I'm not sure, I've only done three rides that passed the 100miles mark, think it might be asking a bit much in January!

  3. I might explore the really long way home then that completely avoids Preston, be nice to do once the evenings start being light.

  4. A summers evening that will probably be nice!

    But I think in the winter century rides will be a start as soon as it is daylight type thing!

  5. I'll do the imperial one.
    starting from this month?
    does riding around a field in summer for 24 hours count?

  6. No plan is January so to complete one a month for 2009, you can of course do 1 100mile ride this month if you wish ;)

    Yes that counts as it is one continuous ride in a day. But if it is on the last day of the month you have to finish by midnight!

  7. I'll sign up for the *Metric* Version =)

  8. Why do I feel like I should be doing the imperial challange?

    Even if my legs would cope with 100 miles I'm not sure there's enough day-light hours in Jan for me to get around (and I don't have lights!)

    Next year I'm planning to only ride once a week on a Sunday with my local cycling club. They wont be doing 100 miles. In fact I'm going to be lucky if they do the required 60!

    Btw, Loving the way my names in pink!

  9. That is because you don't have a blog for me to link to ;)

    Do you want to change to the imperial challenge?

    There is enough daylight for you just do a flat ride!

  10. I'll sign up for the Imperial.