Sunday, 28 December 2008

Christmas catchup

Well at last I get a chance to get online, no chance of catching up with all the blogs I read as I'm about to go out for lunch. Christmas has been busy but fun. Christmas Eve I was up early, Ali though was dead to the world so I headed off to the bike shop, cooksons, on the bike in my running kit and then ran to my mums, about 6miles, to help my sister decorate the tree. Lunchtime and Ali turns up with my bike, thanks to the lads for fixing it on Christmas Eve. Then it was off to the Christmas Carol sing-a-long at the Bridgewater Hall, it was good fun but I was left with the feeling why wouldn't you just go to a Church Carol service. Then it was back home where I finished my mum's present, a blanket. It's taken ages but I was really pleased with it, hopefully I'll get a picture of it for the blog soon.

Then Christmas Day dawned, up and Ali opened her first presents, I know we weren't doing presents but I had made her a hat and scarf in Cambridge United colours, oh and a couple of Chocolate Oranges as she had been wanting to open the ones I had got for someone else. Then it was pack the car and off to my folks for more presents and a Christmas Brunch. All the pictures were taken on the camera Ali had bought Helen for Christmas so I'm hoping she forwards me some. Then it was in the car and off to Cambridge, popping in at Ali's Dad's before getting to her mums for a lovely dinner cooked by Wendy. After more presents we played on a Wii - great fun I want one.

A tiring but fun day!


  1. that is a lot of family visiting for one day-don't think i would've coped with it!

  2. Yes it was a lot, but in some ways fun, glad to get home today.