Sunday, 7 December 2008

Cyclechat ride

Today I headed out early to meet a group of people off cyclechat, it was a cold day but the main roads that I stuck to on the way were ice free. Over to Holmfirth where we met some more, then back via Holme Moss. I'm sure it is always a hard climb but with the head wind it seemed very hard. At the top we tried using the cars to shelter so that we might just avoid hypothermia! Over to torside where hot drinks from the ice-cream van were appreciated befor back to the start. I peeled off for home and others headed back to Holmefirth. A great if chilly ride.

77.94miles @ 12.9mph
1950m climbed


  1. Yet another very hard ride,
    I hope you waited for them!

  2. Wait for them? They were all speedy!

  3. how long did you ride before you started riding with groups? i imagine that you have to be pretty experienced before you make that leap

  4. Well I got into biiking through goin mountain biking on a shecycles ride, for a while I only rode in groups off-road. Then I got a road bike and started commuting. I haven't really done much group riding on-road. That was a forum ride and I had been promised that the pace would be of the slowest so I didn't need to worry.