Wednesday, 17 December 2008

A wool hunt

I have nearly finished a present, only I have managed to run out of the wool I was using. Now this wool was given to me as a present last Christmas so I knew this might be a bit of an ask. A bit of googling and I found out that it was sold exclusively at Wilkinsons. So a route was plotted between a couple of the nearest stores and I headed off. First to Bury, no wool at all and I knew at this point it was going to be unlikely as this was a big store. Down to Middleton. On the way I had a near miss when I was spinning a long in a bike lane and the next thing I know a car is driving across in front of me, I think I skidded as I stopped, but I was pleased to have stopped! Then I ended up on something that definetly wasn't a road, but hey my road bike seemed to cope fine with the off-road action. Choosing a line was important and I still had to lift my front wheel up over the odd step. No luck at Middleton either so I headed home. Will have to come up with another solution, but was nice to do an easyish ride - my legs were sore when I woke up this morning.

30.35 miles @ 14.5mph
429m climbed


  1. It is frustrating to run out of yarn! Are you on Ravelry? People post yarn they have and sometimes it is the one you need and you can swap for it.

  2. that's quiet an adventure just for some wool. maybe just give the present as it is with a little note explaining the above. i'm sure they'll understand!

  3. I hope you'll find the wool. Not long to go if it's a present for Christmas.

  4. I've unpicked the bit I'd done with this wool, the majority is another, and used something else. I don't think a half finished scarf would be popular.

    Saying that I heard on the radio that there had been a survey and the 2nd most least popular gift to recieve is homemade, so noone is going to like my gifts :(