Monday, 1 December 2008

leg warmers v tights

A post especially for kate.

"what's the difference between leg warmers and wearing full length tights? pros
and cons please!"

Well leg warmers are basically just long tubes that go under your shorts and down to you ankles, as such turning shorts into longs.

  1. You can wear them to start a ride and then take them off as it warms up and put in a rear pocket/rucksac.
  2. Good for autum and spring riding where tights are a little too warm
  3. Can use them for warming up for events and then easily remove
  4. Cheaper than tights


  1. They are not as warm as tights.
  2. They can sometimes fall down.

In conclusion they are a great addition to the cycling wardrobe and at this time of year you can wear them as well as tights when its cold!


  1. thank you :)
    all this time i've been wondering why roadies seem to wear shorts over tights-now i understand!
    another pro (maybe) are they cheaper than tights?

  2. Yes on the whole they are cheaper.
    Tights under shorts would be a no-no but legwarmers would look stupid over shorts!

  3. I wear shorts under tights. I know some people wear their shorts over their tights, but I'm not sure why? I don't think that would feel right to me! I have two types of tights that offer different levels of warmth. I am planning to get some arm and leg warmers for late spring, but I'm a little worried they will slide down.

  4. People wear tights under shorts so they look 'pro' only the pros have leg warmers on! I've never had a problem with them sliding down but I only have one pair so maybe I just get on with them! Brilliant for changeable days and when its not as cold as now!

  5. I can't stop my leg warmers from sliding down. I need obviously need fatter legs.

  6. Embarrasing moment yesterday morning as I pulled up to some lights and realised my leg warmers had fallen down, looked like Nora Batty's stockings!
    (I had them on over knee warmers so they weren't gripping my legs properly, normally they are OK)