Monday, 17 November 2008

Reviewing, planning and an early ride.

So looking back at last week it was a great week, I didn't do a longer run due to entering the race yesterday, but since that went better than I could ever have imagined I'm pleased with my week. The combination of a good year on the bike and the last couple of months of running have brought around amazing improvements. I'll never be a good runner but yesterday I wasn't feeling slow either. So onto this week and what do I have planned? Well I have been a bit more specific with this weeks plans so it'll be interesting to see how it goes:

Mon 23mile road ride
Tues 4 hour singolespeed ride + running
Wed 46 mile road ride
Thurs Running
Fri Singlespeed ride
Sat Southport ride
Sun Rest

So today I started and was out early, well just after 8am on my bike. It was wet and cold and visibility was limited but I pushed on. Although I finished ahead of my virtual training partner I was actually slower (not sure what went wrong there?). But with the fact I could barely see more than a few metres ahead of me I was pleased.

Garmin Stats:
23.31miles @ 13.3mph
630m climbed


  1. Good luck for the week ahead. I rode to work this morning, the first time in a long time I have actually set off in the rain, will blog today at some point.

  2. That looks like a fun week you have planned! Oh, I wrote a comment back to you on my blog about the 'silliness' of logging all my miles...I don't think it's silly, but some people I know have thought so. As I wrote in my comments, I need to start thinking those people are silly instead! It is good to have blog friends who also record their miles :)

  3. Hopefully it will be, although the weather is horrible here today! Last week was so much fun with the two days with Jon, this week might seem tame in comparison!

  4. Tame?? How can a 4 hour single speed ride followed by a run be classed as tame!

    I'm sat at work longing to be out on the bike like last week.

  5. The singlespeed/run combo - I am interested to see how you get on with that! Think my quads would explode

  6. Well the plan is that tuesday will be my hard day. I will be singlespeeding in the morning, then have stuff I have to do in the afternoon and then will run after that. Should hopefully be a hard day!

  7. Tuesday's my hard day too - 2 minute intervals on the prom. Think yours is harder though!

  8. wow, you certainly manage to fit a lot in. please tell me that you either work from home/are a student/or have a very wealthy partner!?!