Saturday, 24 May 2008


Well it seemed to sneak up on me this event, I was not ready at all for the combined events of the duathlon and was worried I'd be even able to run the distance. We set out on the first run and it wasn't long before everyone was flying past me. Soon ali caught me up and we ran together for a while. Then we ended up with a group of five wondering where to go, it turns out the whole field had gone the wrong way. After that I tracked ali and a girl called Rachel who was running at the same sort of pace. Ali only got about 20m on me and she is a lot better runner. This picture is of me coming up to the transition, you can see Vikki and Carolyn are just behind me.

Then we headed out on the bike loop, you can just see Ali in the background getting on her bike, she came past me as I was trying to get my shoes on as I decided to attach them to the bike, I didn't think running uphill in my road shoes would work very well so I ran in my socks. It took me a while to get past her again but after that I didn't see her on the bike. It was a hard ride with the head wind on certain parts making it really hard. I was pleased to have an average speed of 16.6mph on the bike.
Ali caught me in the last third of the run, neither of us were finding the running easy at that point. We continued to the finish crossing the line together.

I really enjoyed it, so I apologise to Carolyn, thanks for talking me into it. I'll definetly be back next year, but this time I will try and do some more run training.

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  1. I'm glad we all really enjoyed it after spending all week dreading it!