Monday, 5 May 2008

I am slow

Kate text me on Saturday evening to see if I fancied leading her on a ride round my way today. Since we were getting back late last night that made perfect sense to me. Someone else off shecycles who I had not met before also joined us. Kate had told me that she wanted a long ride with lots of good downhills, when she arrived it became clear that my version of a long ride was slightly different so I said we could miss out going over to Ramsbottom. We headed out from mine, onto Winter Hill, down two lads, down to the horse farm, up the commonwealth down, down the ICR then down to lower barn as the other two were demanding a cafe stop. Rivington itself was very busy!!! Then it was back up through Chinese Gardens, up to the Pike and down off the top. After that we headed up to the top of Winter Hill and down the Belmont Descent then home along the road. The other two were so fast, both up and downhill, I thought I had been getting faster, then I go out with fast people and realise I'm actually quite slow. Need to try and do some speed work.

24.12 miles
Average Speed 7.4mph
Average HR 146bpm
903 metres climbed


  1. You have been getting faster - you just seem to forget that those two are 'super-fast'. I think describing yourself as 'slow' is misleading and a bit demoralising for those who are slower than you!!

  2. First - I don't remember going down on two lads....
    and second, you have met me before - that was obv a memorable occasion! lol
    Good ride thanks Amy, and I feel a bit bad for riding off without it a bad thing to do?? In fact at one stage we made a point of riding off cos we were looking for the coffee van to stop at and thought you might not let us! ha,; anyway you must have phoned ahead, cos we never found it!!

  3. I did seem to be riding slow that day so it was probably me. you two are super fast as well!!!

    When did we meet, was it Llangdela? I don't remember who I met that day I wasn't really with it.