Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Waddington Fell

I've been wanting to ride over Waddington Fell from the Newton side for a while, we went over from Waddington during the Pendle Pedal and everyone said it was harder from the other side. I had planned this route on mapmyride two weeks ago but never did it as Ali was off work ill. So with today being another sunny day I thought it was the perfect time to head out. As I headed up to longridge I passed another cyclist dressed in legwarmers and a winter jacket. I was in shorts and a short sleeve top, did he have his own micro-climate?

The climb up Waddington Fell wasn't too bad at all I averaged 5mph and my average heart rate was 143bpm. So I probably could have got up it faster. I think it shows I am getting better at hill climbing though that I can climb and keep my heart rate down. In fact I actually did a climb I found harder, the road I took out of Whalley was a killer.

Then it was back through the outskirts of Blackburn, lots of traffic, and home.

77.49 miles

Average Speed 11.9 mph

Average HR 129 bpm

1784metres climbed

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