Tuesday, 13 May 2008

More hills and wind

I decided I wanted one more hilly road ride before the weekend and once again the weather was looking nice so I headed off towards Waddington. I stopped at Dunsop bridge to buy a sandwhich and as I was eating it this cheeky duck came looking for some, he obviously doesn't know me very well, I never give food away!
Once again I went over Waddington Fell (I was faster getting to the same point to start the climb and faster up the climb compared to last week). Then I headed home taking a longer hillier route than last week. When I got to Ramsbottom I even went up the rake (with 87miles in my legs I was impressed that I didn't even need to walk) which is a 25% climb.

94.58 miles
Average Moving Speed 12.3mph
Average Heart Rate 134bpm
2388metres climbed


  1. Steady on Trio, you've got another hilly 100 mile ride at later on this week. - Jon

  2. It was my last hilly road ride before the weekend!

  3. wow - that's an impressive ride!

  4. Thanks Mel, the nice weather makes getting the long rides in easier. Now I just need to speed up.