Sunday, 4 May 2008


On saturday I headed up to Scotland for SSUK08, Ali and I packed the car - she was allowed her geared bike as she doesn't have another one - and headed up to Mabie to meet Vikki . Once there I realised I had no brake pads, front or rear, I guess just over 500miles wasn't bad going. Fortunately there was a bike shop there and the pads were easy to change - even with no instructions. Then we headed off round Mabie. It was a lovely day for a ride and it was nice to try my rig on some singletrack. Part way round ali's seatpost decided not to clamp her saddle, so it kept moving. So after a while we swapped bikes. She got her first taste of singlespeed and I rode her stumpy stood up the whole time. It felt odd, but good, to have so much travel at the front. Then we headed up to Drumlanrig Castle and found a spot for our tent before getting the beer out. The next day I was woken up nice and early by the dawn chorus. The location was spectatular, I really want to go back there. After finding some real toilets and somewhere selling bacon butties we were all ready for the start, which involved us putting our bikes in a field and them all being moved around. The pink bits on my bike helped with locating it! Then it was off, the course was nearly all singletrack, tight windy and technical. Nothing like my normal riding, but great fun! I ended up walking at points and fell off on my first lap but loved it.
Ali was trying to pay attention to how far back I was and she thinks that I finished 5th female, not bad seeing as I only got my ss in February.

After the race they provided food and it was lovely, proper beef burgers! Then after the presents we headed home for pizza. That is probably the hardest I have ridden on a bike in a long time, racing seems to do that.

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